You and your family’s safety is our #1 PRIORITY.

What can you do to keep yourselves safe during Covid-19 pandemic?

STAY INSIDE. We can’t stress the importance of this enough. Covid-19 has an incubation period of up to 2 weeks and even though you or someone else doesn’t show symptoms doesn’t mean that you’re not carrying the virus. Being bored at home is better than being sick in the hospital.

WASH YOUR HANDS. Use warm water, lather up your hands for 20 seconds minimum, covering all areas of your hands (including in between and pads of fingers), rinse off and use your own towel to dry. Wash frequently throughout the day and anytime you’ve come into contact with anything outside of your home.

SANITIZE. If you have access to sanitizer at home, sanitize in between hand washing. If you don’t, it’s okay.. don’t panic! Washing hands is more effective anyway. This will never replace washing your hands, but is just a good bridge between those periods.

PHYSICAL DISTANCING also called social distancing. Stay at a minimum of 6 ft. away from everyone, as much as you can. Covid-19 is transmitted through droplets and one sneeze or cough can expose you or someone else to thousands of droplets that can travel up to 6 ft. Keep your distance.


What are we doing to keep YOU safe?

When being asked to perform a plumbing job at your property our dispatcher will determine the risk factors and whether or not it is safer to reschedule. Safety is first. Currently, our main focus will be on sewer lines, drains, hydro jetting, leaky pipes, anything that can be done outdoors. We will make exceptions for emergency plumbing situations, but our company guidelines during this pandemic firmly restricts our technicians to remain outside. The only time technician and customer will encounter one and another will be at the end of the job.

Our technicians and labor workers will arrive at your house masked, gloved, and abiding by all of the abovementioned safety precautions. If there are any specific requests or questions you can always call us and we will be more than happy to try to accommodate and to answer your questions.

For the most up to date and ACCURATE information, including signs and symptoms to watch out for visit the CENTERS FOR DISEASE website as well as the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION .

It is important that we support each other, now more than ever. Let’s all do our part to put an end to Covid-19.

We are here for you. Always.

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