How a Hydro Jetting Pasadena California Service Can Save You Money

All plumbing is vulnerable to slow flows or blockages caused by debris build-up. Many everyday items that don’t belong in our sewers and drains eventually make their way down to where they can get trapped in your plumbing, often requiring a sewer service to resolve. Nearby trees can also be problematic when their quest for moisture sends probing roots into underground pipes. The resulting blockage can be a little more than the average household plunger can handle when this happens. Fortunately, digging up foundations and landscaping to unclog roots is not your only option for drain cleaning. Hydro jetting is a cost-effective solution that can clear most types of blockages, including grease build-up, lost toys, nappies, tree roots, and more to get your pipes flowing freely again.

What Happens During a Hydro Jetting Pasadena California Service?

A hydro jet is a high-pressure machine designed to send a powerful jet of water that can blast through most obstacles in its path. It’s a cost-effective solution when used as a reactive measure against issues that have already developed, but it can save you even more when used as part of your building’s regular maintenance regime. Here are just a few of the advantages a hydro jetting Pasadena California service can provide:

  • Rapid unclogging of tough blockages from drains and pipes
  • Remove residual build-up of limescale and grease
  • Does not introduce any chemicals into the environment
  • Can significantly lower plumbing costs and reduce your reliance on sewer clean and repair services

Advantages of Hydro Jetting Main Sewer Line Versus Auger?

​An auger, or snake, is an effective tool for affordable drain cleaning. However, augers are abrasive, so there is a risk you could damage your pipes unnecessarily. A hydro jetting root intrusion service is a safer, more affordable solution in just about every case. Both drain cleaning measures can get the job done depending on the circumstance. However, hydro jetting is tough on blockages but gentle on pipes. For this reason, it’s most often the superior solution when your goal is to use cheap drain cleaning services for regular maintenance.

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