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Often times while we pay close attention to toilets, sinks, showers and faucets for our home’s maintenance, we don’t realize the trouble that may be lurking beneath the ground or under your house.  And of course, it’s always right before a big family gathering or a visit from your in-laws when your piping starts backing up.  Your sink isn’t draining, or even worse, what you just flushed down the toilet is coming out of your shower drain.  Sometimes this is a quick and easy fix.  Often times the problem is the main sewer line, and the back up can be waste that’s been building up over a few days.  Not what you want your guests talking about at that party.  What do you do now?  Get it taken care of quickly and cost effectively with your Rooter service professionals at Free Flo Rooter & Plumbing.

Trenchless Sewer Replacement: Pipe Bursting

What is it?  Why do it?  How is it done?


Pipe bursting is a trenchless sewer replacement method that involves essentially replacing an old pipe with a new one with the same or larger diameter.  During the process of installation, the old pipe is destroyed by using a pipe bursting tool called a bullet head, which is pulled through the sewer often times by a rod, expanding it and breaking it as it is pulled through.  Simultaneously, the new pipe is pulled through, taking the place of the old broken piping.

Rooter Service - Trenchless Method

Pipe Bursting


  • Less destructive on your property
  • Cost effective and more efficient
    • Minimal digging required, which means it is less labor intensive, which cuts down on the amount of employees needed to complete the job.  Less people to pay = lower costs
  • Less time to complete than traditional methods
  • The only method that allows you to increase the size of your pipes without having the need to dig up the entire length of your pipes.
    • Increases flow capacity by providing new piping with the same or larger diameter

How is this done?

Take a look….

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