Toilet Repair in Toluca Lake, CA

Toilet Repair

Toluca Lake, CA

There are very few things worse than doing your business and finding yourself staring in horror at the toilet as the water rises, bargaining with a ceramic bowl.  We’ve all been there.  We’ve also grabbed our trusty plunger and pumped away, only to find ourselves in the same situation one week later.  Time to find a good plumber for your toilet repair needs.  It just so happens we know of one!

It’s time to stop the embarrassing overflow.  Call your pet friendly plumbers at Free Flo Rooter and let us take care of your problem once and for all (855) 951-0100

We specialize in toilet repair and replacement, and we work with all of your favorite brands!  American Standard, Toto, Kohler, Delta, Moen, Sloan, and more.

Let’s get familiar with your toilet.  Here are some basics:

Bowl: holds water and waste

Tank: back part of the toilet that holds water used for flushing.  Also houses working toilet parts

Stop valve: Controls the water supply to the toilet. Usually located on the wall behind the toilet.  Can be turned off manually.

Wax ring: Under the toilet.  It’s what the toilet sits on.

Trap:  Located under the toilet bowl.  Separates the main sewage line from the toilet

Closet bend:  Part of the sewage line that allows waste materials from the bowl to exit the home.

Flapper Ball: Controls the flow of water into the toilet.  Connected to the handle lift arm with a lift chain. (Common on newer flusher valves)

Float Ball:  Designed to lift up and drop into the valve opening.  (Common on older toilets)

Toilet Flange: A pipe fitting that mounts a toilet to the floor and connects the toilet drain to a drain pipe.  The wax ring is used to seal the gap between the flange and the bottom of the toilet.


Tips to avoid a clogged toilet:

  • Keep toilet seats DOWN.  If you have small children, pets, or shelves above your toilet, there is a real possibility of having small items fall into your bowl.  This is an easy way of avoiding a potential clog or obstruction.  Plus, who wants to shove their hand down a toilet to try to remove a rubber ducky?
  • Do not flush your hair, even if it’s just a few strays.  Hair can tangle up in your pipes and cause a clog.  If this occurs further down in your pipes, only a plumbing professional may be able to fix this issue.
  • Do not flush anything besides human waste and light toilet paper.  This includes most baby wipes, paper towels, facial wipes, feminine hygiene products, and hair, as mentioned above.

If you experience a clog, do NOT pour chemical drain cleaners down your toilet.  Avoid this at all costs. Professional opinions vary when it comes to this matter, but it’s always better safe than sorry.  Chemical drain cleaners can be hazardous to your health when not handled properly.  They can also damage older pipes and fixtures.  Besides, nobody wants these dangerous chemicals mixing in with their water systems.

If you are unable to fix your clog using a plunger or a drain snake, it’s time to call the professionals.  We are available 7 days a week!

Are you experiencing other bathroom related issues?  We can take care of that too.  Take a look at more of the services we provide, or give us a call at (855) 951-0100 and speak with one of our specialists.


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