Trenchless vs. Traditional

Trenchless vs. Traditional Pipe Repair

What to Expect

There is nothing easy about home repairs.  Most of us don’t have the time to shop around and research for hours to gather up all of the information we need, much less compare things like trenchless repair and traditional pipe repair.  I’m going to try to do the work for you and sum it up all in this page.  Let’s go!

When making decisions for home repairs, most of us consider three important factors:  Cost, ease, and amount of damage.  One of the most important factors to consider is the TOTAL cost of repair, this includes the job itself and the repair to the property after the job is completed.  Either way, there is no easy way of dealing with a damaged pipe, but let’s get started on helping you find the right way.


Traditional Pipe Repair:

Traditional pipe repair involves digging down to damaged pipe, cutting out the old pipe, and replacing it with new piping.

Average cost:  $45-$275 a foot

Total average cost for small jobs:  $2,500 – $6,600

Total average cost for repairs that require greater than 50 ft:  $5,500 – $13,750

It is important to remember that these costs are only average estimates and do not account for any uprooting, lawn damage, repairs to property due to breaking of concrete, etc.  Your pipes might be located under structures or beneath landscaping that could require digging around the structure and repiping around it.


Trenchless Pipe Bursting (click for video):

This involves replacing piping underground using a cone-shaped piece (an expanding head).  This trenchless method requires approximately one day to complete.

Average cost: $65-$250 per foot

Total average cost: $4000-$23,000


Pipe Bursting Head

Pipe Replacement after bursting


Trenchless Pipe Lining:

The concept of this is simple.  A pipe is made within an existing pipe.  Materials typically made out of resin are created to maintain the same strength as traditional piping without causing excessive damage to your property.

Average cost:  $90-$275 per foot

Total average cost for entire job:  $6,000 – $23,000

How did this happen??

Let us give you the low down on what could have possibly happened to cause all of the damage to your pipes.

  1.  Incorrect installation of your sewer line:

    Sewer installations should always be handled by licensed professionals.  If piping is installed to code, there should be a 1/4″ slope per foot.  Improper installation can lead to a broken sewer line due to a low area.  These low areas occur when there isn’t enough support beneath the drains, causing shifting in the soil.  Ultimately sewage backs up and puts pressure on the pipe, hence causing them to break.

  2. Root Intrusion:

    Often times this occurs with clay pipes due to their susceptibility to cracking.  Roots from trees or nearby plants make their way into the cracks of the drains.  Water that constantly runs through them allow the roots to continue to grow, and eventually engulf the entire area, causing them to clog.  These roots can ultimately grow bigger than the width of your pipes and be damaging to them.

  3. Settlement in your pipes:

    Let’s begin with understanding what a back-pitched sewer line is.  This occurs when the dirt underneath deteriorates, or sinks, and causes your pipes to sink.  This sinking creates a negative slope and the sewage sits in one area.  This is called a back-pitched sewer line.  Grease, waste, and yes folks, all of that hair you’ve been washing down your drains, will accumulate in that one area and harden.  This will cause blockages, and even cause a break, which will require replacement.

  4. Corrosion:

    Chemical substances and the continuous contact with water will undeniable causes corrosion of your drain lines.  Environmental factors in the dirt (that can not be avoided) will cause deterioration and break down the materials of your piping.  They will need to be replaced, likely with lining and bursting (see above!)


Every job is unique.  Nearby utilities, landscaping, and structures may complicate situations and effect job costs.  Trenchless might not be right for you.  Some homes requiring traditional pipe repair methods.  It’s always best to call us for a free estimate and find out what is the most suitable method for your home.

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